Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thank you, Darren & Haruka

Darren & Haruka took us to dinner tonight as a thank-you for all we've done for them. L-R: Haruka, Judy (Khaya), Dick, Darren, George (Mollyhock). Rupert (Khaya) is behind George.

Casa Juanita's, just across the street from the marina, opened maybe a week ago. Friendly staff with excellent English, delicious food, beautiful setting, warm night, full moon. Life is good.

As we were taking our seats, the manager suggested that "Mr. Pay" should sit at the head of the table. When Haruka ended up at the head of the table, he nudged Darren and said, "That's even better. Mrs. Pay will take care of everything." L-R: Haruka, Rupert, Arlete, Dick, Darren, George. Judy is sitting behind George.

We all had a great time. Thank you so much, Darren & Haruka

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  1. Marion here (in case I turn up as 'anonymous' again). Seems you all enjoyed a beautiful evening (food and weather) at Casa Juanita's. I felt envious. The Nth Queenslanders wouldn't be deterred by the palomitas - they're par for the course in the tropical north. Most homes are 'gauzed' to keep out all sorts of flying insects. Dick's nacelle looks like a work of art in progress. Loving your photos and blog....MJR ( Looks like I have to be anonymous again till I work out how to use the 'Select profile'.)