Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dick goes to Guaymas

Our package arrived with the supplies needed to finish the boat cover - grommets, snaps that screw into the boat, and special vinyl glue - so Dick is headed to Guaymas to work on the boat BUT only for a week or so. Thank you so much Carolyn and that unnamed guy in the center of the photo below who doesn't want to be in this blog :) for inviting us with open arms to stay with you even though
a major kitchen renovation is underway.

Carolyn, my thoughts are with you as the process continues. May it go by as quickly as possible.

Later, in San Jose, his bags have been loaded onto the bus. Here he comes for a goodbye hug and kiss.

It's back to E Nicolaus for me. I have a few sewing projects I want to complete before Dick gets back.

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