Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DSKOP + TLSDC @ Justin's

In a way, that explains all the shoes. Doug, Stacey, Kellen, and Odin plus Thais, Lenin, and Sophia all came over for dinner at Justin's.Kellen is now 4 years old and certainly the time has come for Tractor Driving Lesson #1.

Meanwhile, Odin, 1 year old, toddled around the driveway. He is the happiest most content child.

By the second time around, Kellen could keep the tractor in the center of the driveway or road and turn a corner by himself. He's a natural.

Sophia, 2, shares her birthday with cousin Odin.

The maracas from Grandpa Dick were a big hit!

These two played the game "I can scare you more, especially when you're walking away from me. . . or smiling for the camera." Sophia wasn't interested in this game.

The object here was to try to get a ball into the red hole while your cousin makes blocking moves.

The crowd encouraged, "Go Sophia!"

But maybe the best part was the reaction of the older cousin when Sophia scored.

Time for dessert:

I know, lots of pictures. And I could have posted so many more.

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