Monday, June 27, 2011

To Dayton Nevada

Leaving Crystal Springs, there was still some good downhill for me. There's a whole new look to the eastern side of the Sierra Nevadas:

We exchanged riding duties in Genoa. I went on to Carson City, and met Dick at a shopping center. We had lunch and shopped for a few necessities, including a new tent. We've been using the same 3-person tent since 2004. I've (we've) put it up hundreds of times and it's served us well on threee bike tours totaling 18 months. And with a car, who cares what it weighs? so we upgraded to a relatively inexpensive 4-person tent.

The squirrels who thought we might feed them would scamper back to this log which we thought would be perfect for a children's book:

This is our third night without a shower. =(

Total miles = 175

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