Friday, June 24, 2011

Half and Half Bike Tour: day 1

7 am: leaving Justin's house in East Nicolaus. I took the first leg while it was still cool. I know - I'm not wearing a helmet, but I promise by the end of the day, I will have a new one.
The rice crops in East Nicolaus have just started to show green above the waterline. By the time we get back, the harvest may have started.

I rode through Lincoln, Rocklin, and Roseville and ended my part of the ride at Sierra College Blvd and Douglas Blvd.

After we had lunch, it was Dick's turn and he would have the harder part of the ride, because the foothills of the Sierra Nevada begin here. I think I climbed about 250 easy feet, but Dick will end up climbing 1000' today.

After riding through Folsom, Dick took Green Valley Road until it became too dangerous. The road is narrow with no shoulder and lots of fast traffic. The curves were the worst when drivers would not slow down even with oncoming traffic. I picked him up in Rescue and we drove to my cousin's niece's house in Shingle Springs.

What a nice first night on the road. We got to visit with Sharon and David, plus two of their three children, Jake and Maddie. Thanks so much for hosting us!

Maddie drew me a picture and wrote a short story as a gift. Very sweet.

Total miles = 51

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