Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To Fallon

We each had fast rides today to get to Fallon. A nice tailwind helped. We were having lunch at Subway by 1 pm. We decided to stay at Sage Valley campground, about 4 miles west of town.
We were both happy about the upcoming rest day, talking and laughing as I backed away from the campground office . . . right into a pole. I stopped quickly, started to pull forward, whoa!

The handlebar on my bike had grabbed onto the pole. Nevertheless, my bike appeared to be ok, and the car was ok. However Dick's bike frame was cracked in two places near the back wheel making it unrideable. Dick was pretty sure the frame might have already been cracked because his riding today had felt "funny."

We spent the afternoon calling bike shops in Reno and City Bicycle Works in Sacto (where we bought the bikes). Cannondale frames are guaranteed for life so Peloton Bicycles (not knowing about the backing-into-a-pole part) suggested bringing the bike to them, they would take pictures of the cracks, contact Cannondale and order another frame, then transfer all the other pieces and parts from the old bike to the new frame. City Bicycle Works was able to finally locate our invoice (they'd reversed my first and last name and had misspelled Dick's last name) and sent a copy to Peloton. If approved by Cannondale, a frame will be sent from Massachusetts, but we're not sure when yet. We made a rushed 60-mile drive to Peloton, getting there just before they closed.

So, we're stalled and unsure how long this is going to take to solve. Sigh. As you can imagine, I felt really bad, although Dick was really cool about the whole thing. On the way home, we stopped for a few groceries. I stayed in the car and sulked. Dick came back with groceries and flowers to cheer me up.

It worked.
Total miles = 225

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