Friday, April 6, 2012

At the panga docks this week

Fly-swatting happens frequently throughout the day. I think it's so funny how Dick sneaks up on a fly and then lunges from 6 feet away.  He thinks his successful "kills" have diminished as he's aged.
This crazy guy came speeding past several times one afternoon creating annoying wakes for the boats tied up to the dock.  Going the other way, he went a bit slower sometimes carrying people or camping supplies, and one time a pingpong table.
Smoke 'N' Blues hoisted a colorful set of flag, then the mainsail, and
sailed away from the dock.  A nifty move by JD, who did it alone.  And we thought he was a novice sailor. 
The next day, Jackie and Tony on Windstrutter arrived from Bahia Concepcion.
Ernesto came by one afternoon with a few nieces and friends.  These looks are meant to say, "See how cute we are.  You should adopt us and take us with you on your boat."  Uhhhh, no thanks.
Provisioning:  here lie 113 days of vacuum-sealed oatmeal.  Two people eating oatmeal 5 times/week equals 22.6 weeks.  Dick LOVES Mexican oats - more than his previous favorite, Canadian oats.  He actually wants me to buy more, but I put my foot down and said "No!"


  1. We still have oats on Cool Cat waiting for Dick.
    He must have forgotten to take them , although I do recall him passing on his secret cooking instructions to Haruka.
    I also remember Dick commenting how he could live on dry rice, we have plenty of rice left as well.
    Rock and roll aint noise polution, you will get used to the rocking , but no dock to knock against.
    I dont know about you two , but Im even getting excited to hear you have left Guaymas area.
    Please give my kind regards to anyone that may know Cool Cat , Darren Rodman

  2. It's that time of year again when many boats have come out of the water onto the hard and their owners have gone north to cooler weather. There's no one at Marina Singlar left and the last two boats at the free panga docks are being hauled out today and tomorrow. So ... I guess we should move along also ... yay!