Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 13

Today's reading:
Distance Traveled since Yesterday:  40 miles
Distance to Destination:  2,953 miles

This morning’s Sonrisa net weather forecast mentioned there has been “an abnormal number of days with light to no winds.” Yup, we’ve noticed.

The large number of fishing boats means Cabo San Lucas is nearby.

As we rounded the cape around 2 pm, the wind began to blow in earnest and we’d broken free of Mexico’s grasp. We were on our way. The GPS said 2549 nautical miles to Hilo Hawaii. By 5:30, we were beating at 9 knots into 20 knots of wind. The night would turn out to be horrible from my point of view: lots of sail changes or adjustments. I would have to wake up to take the helm so Dick make the changes. The boat was lurching about. This was not fun at all.

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  1. They are finally turning the corner and getting out of the gulf! Winds in the area are still very light but should be picking up tomorrow. Winds in thier area are to the south, which isn't great, but should become more westerly when they get a couple hundred miles further along.