Thursday, April 12, 2012

Departure Day

I am posting for Arlete while she and Dick are sailing.  Yesterday, she gave me the long/lat for their current position in Guaymas.  She indicated by a phone call that they were leaving that position sometime between 6pm last night and 6 am this morning.  She will be sending me their position at approximately noon every day and I will post their current daily position. 
Yesterday their position was:   27.895833,-110.863333
Todays reading is:  27.1131,-110.4223. 
They are on their way!
Before dawn, about to leave El Mero, the panga docks:
All is well, but not for long.
The wind was brisk and we were tight-reaching with not much room for error. At one point the sails became back winded then flogged about wildly. Finally, the situation was corrected but why was the boat so hard to steer?  And I was so seasick. The only places that felt halfway good were laying down and sleeping or being at the helm. I was able to do my 3-hour watches, but other than that I slept. Dick doesn’t get seasick, at all, ever.

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