Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 3

First I need to apologize for anyone following this, and who tried to plot yesterdays coordinates.  Darren let me know thankfully that I had made a typo and put Dick and
Arlete in the Sahara!  Not!!  I corrected Day 2 readings and here are todays.  Thanks, Darren.  (Phyllis)

Todays readings:
Each morning at 6:30, we listened to the weather report on the Sonrisa net. Every day there was a prediction for good wind which never materialized. Today, I’m felt less seasick, thank goodness, but still didn’t feel like eating much. Our plan was to anchor at Isla San Francisco so Dick could fix the rudder steering. As Dick was readying the anchor bridle, lowering the outboard into position, and setting up the depth sounder, I was at the helm and entertained by a pod of whales.

 Finally Dick had to say, "Arlete, steer the boat."  Oh yeah, I forgot about that part.  Isla San Francisco up ahead, although we need to anchor on the other side.

The outboard was fired up and ran just fine … for about 10 minutes. Then it died and would NOT start. Dick repaired some corroded wires, but it still would not start. With the sun beginning to set and because if the wind angle we had to work with, we sailed to anchor in a tight little cove, just to the north of the main anchorage. Once anchored bow and stern, we fell into an exhausted sleep.

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  1. It is good to keep in touch , and great for safety.
    If I do another long passage , I will carry and use a Spot messenger for sure .
    Apparently you just press the button and it sends your postion to people of your choice. Even plots it on a map for you, with sail blogs that i was using anyway.
    Probably a fee involved.
    Sorry , bit late now to mention this .