Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 2

Todays readings: 
25.433, -110.199
The wind died in the afternoon, the sails came down. That’s when Dick saw the rudders were positioned to oppose each other, sort of like this / \ - not good - the starboard rudder steering cable had broken. The autopilot didn’t sound good when activated and Dick said we might have to handsteer. What? This was a depressing turn of events for me. But for Dick, the most discouraging development was water getting into both hulls. Where was it coming from? How was this possible? This would preoccupy his mind until he figured it out.


  1. Sorry , not understanding these co- ordinates.
    It puts them in the Sahara, quite funny really.
    I will try again .

  2. Yup, I goofed yesterday. I have edited and corrected. I'll try to be more careful on future postings. Darren, I loved following your adventure and I still check your blog often to see what's up. Phyllis