Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Departure delayed

This was supposed to be our departure day, our 9th wedding anniversary, but it was filled with … going back to Guaymas to retrieve the forgotten computer from Patsy & Tony’s van (Ron is at right);
filling the gasoline container (big thanks to Burt from Island Girl who not only carried the jerry can, but also drove me to and from the marina);
lunch with Roberto, Panchis, Pepito, Grace, and Ivan - the shrimp and octopus cóctel was delicious! (Thank you, Panchis);
final boat preparations;

and watching opening day for the collection of aguamalas (bad waters) also known as bolas de cañon (cannonballs) - a type of jelly fish. The pangas began coming in early in the morning so loaded down with the netted catch there was only about 6” of freeboard. While one steered, the other three stood in blue slimey seawater processing the aguamalas - pulling out the guts and short tentacles, throwing them into one part of the panga, tossing the main body into another area.

When finished, the pangas pulled up to the dock where refrigerated trucks were waiting.
Men with clipboards waited to record the name of the boat and number of crates unloaded.
Roberto said aguamalas are not part of Mexican cuisine but are shipped to Japan and China.
Officials from immigración showed up at the boat in the late afternoon to make sure we’d left, which we hadn’t. We explained our exhaustion and they gave us until tomorrow morning.
And then, to top it off, Dick discovered the GPS memory card for French Polynesia was defective. It showed NO details whatsoever - it would be impossible to navigate safely without. So we decided to sail for Hilo, Hawaii instead.

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