Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 5

Arlete phoned me this morning, to tell me that they are anchored at Isla San Francisco, at the same position as yesterday.  They have had to change their destination to Hilo, Hawaii, instead of French Polynesia.  Hilo's position is N19.44, W155.04 if anyone is interested in plotting. They discovered that either their polynesian gps is faulty or the card is wrong, and they can't go there without charts.

They are anchored because there were several small things they felt they needed to attend to on the boat before rounding the corner of Baja and heading across to Hawaii.  Dick is making whatever small repairs are needed, and they expect to be moving again either tomorrow or the next day.  She wouldn't tell me what the repairs are (I did ask) - she will blog their entire trip when they arrive at their destination.  They still expect the passage to take 14-16 days from the time they leave their current position.  (Phyllis)

I just read (on 24 May, in Hilo HI) what Phyl wrote above - what a big laugh that was to think it would only be 14-16 days!  And I didn't tell her (and you) about the repairs because I didn't want anyone to worry.

Dick spent the whole day working on the starboard steering - fixed!

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  1. Big difference in destinations, and once you get to Hawaii, its still all long passages.
    What a way to start off on open water sailing,
    There is a Sea Lion colony just at the tip of Isla San Francisco, hope they get there, be a shame to miss. We anchored Cool Cat right in amongst them( so no need to use the tender).
    Enjoy the whole experience Dick and Arlete.
    It can be tiring and chalenging, as you would know, but so rewarding. I used to just love getting up to a new day, a new chalenge, a fresh Mahi Mahi.(Dick , you did take a good fishing rod /line didnt you)

    There will always be repairs and maintenance.