Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 15 (4-26-2012)

Day 14 - no reading
The sheets on the drifter snapped apart and the sail went fluttering to port. We were able to roll it back onto the roller furler. The staysail was hoisted on the inner forestay. The seas were still rough, I was not doing well.
Day 15 - Readings:
Distance Traveled since last reading:  207 miles
Distance to Destination:  2,763 miles
The bow nets have torn away. The dinghy was now in jeopardy, so it had to be taken apart, folded up, and lashed to port bow.
The drifter had to come down so the genoa could be put onto the roller furler. In what I thought was a crazy heroic effort, Dick climbed out on the cross tube wearing three tethers to keep him ON the boat.
 Then we almost lost it in the ocean when the halyard came loose and unthreaded from the top of the mast.
 Dick quickly grabbed the loose end of the halyard and pulled his favorite sail onboard.  Whew!

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