Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A look around the anchorage

This morning I walked around the deck and took pictures of what will surround us while at anchor. We are in Nawiliwili Harbor, about 2 miles from Lihu’e.

The entrance to the harbor, usually the winds blow from this direction kicking up little waves, although not this morning.  The view from the stern:
 To starboard:  Dawn Princess was here when we got up.  I learned later in the day this ship is from Sydney Australia.  It's a 75-day cruise.  From Sydney they sailed north through Asia to Japan then across the North Pacific to Alaska, Vancouver, and south to San Diego, then across to Hawaii.  From here, they head for French Polynesia and other South Pacific islands before returning to Sydney in about 20 days.  Whew!  That's one long cruise.

The small boat harbor. This is where we’ll land the dinghy. No beach landings J , there’s a small finger dock between the Coast Guard station and the boat launch ramp. We will also be able to lock up both bikes to a lamppost, double J .  (If you're reading this on an iPad device, "J" has replaced a happy face icon.)

At the bow:  Hule’ia Stream flows into Nawiliwili Harbor. We will go exploring upstream in the near future.

Poor catamaran on the rocks.

To port:  we are anchored in the lee of 779-foot tall Kalanipu’u (“royal hill”) where Pele’s older sister planted kava and bananas. In a later era, it was a “calling hill” where a lookout would watch the movements of fish and call out directions to the fishermen with net below.

And back to the stern:

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