Saturday, September 8, 2012

Floating rocks

First time paddle boarding: they were so wobbly and tentative. I called out from the boat, “Keep your forward motion, you’ll be more stable … turn your paddle around … that’s better … keep moving forward … turn your paddle the other way …” They are here from Minnesota, not on vacation, but buying a house Hawaii Paradise Park, known locally as HPP, the largest subdivision in the USA, about 8000 lots. They were having such a good time.

She: I’m tired of -40 degree winters. I want to be warmer.

Her husband, exhausted and now sitting on the board, started splashing her with his paddle.

She: Oh, stop that. I’m going to ram you. Here I come, look out.
He: Look honey, a floating rock.

She: That’s not a floating rock. What would a floating rock be doing out here? Oh, it’s one of those round things people tie their boat to.

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