Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The path to KAC

Seems simple, but on a boat this can be a challenge. My boat choices are no shower at all until I can't stand myselft or a solar shower in the cockpit if I remember to fill the bag and let it sit in the sun for a few hours.  And wait until after dark so as not to shock and dismay kayakers, fishermen, and anyone else passing by.  I have also "showered" by heating water on the stove and pouring it into bicycle-type water bottles.  In Lihue, this was the only onshore choice in the marina:  outdoors, no curtain, cold water only.  Yuck.  In Hilo, we were lucky because we could ride to a nearby public pool and shower in the locker rooms. 
On one of our first bike rides into town, I spied Kauai Athletic Club, less than one flat mile from the dinghy dock and decided to check it out.  They had a senior membership plan and no long-term contract. 
 This shower was sooo much more appealing and there were some extras that made the decision to join easy.
 A beautiful facility with a friendly staff.
 Free wifi.  The seating isn't always the best, although I have settled on working at a table in the women's locker room.
 Senior fitness classes.  Today was Hularobics.  It was so much fun!  This is the movement called "the ocean."  L-R: Hua, Eleanor, Alma, and instructor Terri.  Hua goes to about 3 classes/day and is encouraging me to go to zumba also. 
 New friends.  L-R: Michiko, Eleanor, me, Alma.  After Hularobics, we went to lunch at Taco Bell.  Alma drove me so I didn't have to ride my bike and bought me lunch.  They wanted to hear about life on a boat. 
I feel so lucky to have discovered so many good things in one place and all because I wanted a decent place to shower.  Dick?  He's happy with the marina shower and takes a curtain with him to hang up for privacy. 

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