Saturday, September 29, 2012

Greg and Nicole: day 1

Greg and Nicole arrived today. We have rented a house in Kapa'a about 10 miles from where our boat is at anchor.
At Hanama'ulu Bay:

It looked like a road that went along the east shore.  This was the good part, it got much worse.  We had to lean in from the open windows to avoid being swiped by sugar cane fronds (leaves?) and Dick had to drive slowly over a very deeply rutted road.  Shhh, don't tell the rental car company.
Up the Hule'ia Stream from our anchorage is Menehune Fishpond.   According to legend, it was built in one night as a gift to a princess and her brother by the Menehune, a race of mythical people who preceded the Polynesians to Hawaii.  A 900-yard stone wall cuts off a bend in the stream with three fenced openings which allow water to flow and smaller fish to go in and out while larger fish can not pass through. 

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