Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dinner at Dave & Susan's

Dave generously picked us up at the beach and drove us to their house for dinner.
Before going inside, Dave gave his free-range chickens a little snack. 
Signature tree: if you write your name on a leaf, it stays there.
What looks like fruit is really the seed pod.
The seed pod after it falls and dries:
The main living space is on the second floor, extended by a large lanai.  Note the "surfboard" made by Dave.  It can be taken down and set onto a bracket on the railing to create additional table or counter space.
The view from the lanai:
 Susan made a traditional North Carolina meal:  fried shrimp, hush puppies, salad bar, and dessert (which was so good, it gets its own blog post).  Absolutely delicious!
 Thank you so much Dave and Susan for inviting us into your home.  You gave us Southern comfort with an aloha spirit.
Susan, I am so sorry I snapped only one picture of you and Dave and caught you with with closed eyes. 

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