Saturday, September 8, 2012

This week in Reed's Bay

Alligator spotted in Reed's Bay:

This no-name boat arrived a few days ago. Sonny, with long gray beard and always wearing white, appeared to have single-handed.  Where did you sail from?  “We came from a little place called Ventura.” California. Nice boat, it looks like it's registered in Minnesota. “I planted some corn seeds for a farmer. All around him was drought and yields are expected to be 1-2 bushels/acre. But in a 15-square-mile area, where his farm was, it rained and rained. He’s expecting a yield of 65 bushels/acre. He bought this boat for me to say thank you.”  Did you have a good crossing?  “We did ok, but we lost the rudder about 300 miles from here. I made one using wood from the engine box.” We? Who was your sailing partner? “God.”

This super-energetic dog was wearing a life jacket.  She tried to keep the dog on the board but he kept jumping off to swim alongside or behind as she paddled slowly.

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