Friday, March 23, 2012

At the panga dock this week

Singing and fishing for about an hour. A nice serenade, but no fish were caught.
A good day's catch for these panga fishermen.  They came to the dock to remove the fish from their net, sort them by type, and return the nets in a prescribed manner for the next deployment.
Sometimes you go looking for where water is running and making noise, but it turns out to be huge flutters of baby fish feeding at the surface.  Finally I captured a picture of what it sort of looks like, but imagine an area 30 ft X 10 ft. 
These seagulls waited patiently and were fed well.
The final music session.  Rick and Darcy (at left) on Tea Leaves are hauling out next week for the hot summer season and going to North Carolina.  Burt (right) on Island Woman recently joined us at the dock.
Greg (at left) and Janis on Gitana also haul out next week and will be returning to Oroville, CA.  To the right are Sue and Patrick from Susanville CA - they sold their boat last year but are in San Carlos housesitting for friends.
I think it's time for us to go somewhere too. Back to work on those boat projects!

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