Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sailing with Roberto & Panchis

Today we took Roberto and Panchis sailing, it was Panchis' first time.
Bravely helming the boat:
Roberto made the BEST ceviche for our picnic lunch.
Roberto is a natural and we think he should consider joining us for a longer cruise.
Dick played with a variety of sail combinations including this downwind "wing and wing."
One of two freighters either coming into Guaymas harbor or leaving.  This one carries grain.
A different combination, still "wing and wing."
The non-working lighthouse on Isla Pajaros:

We had a great time today.  It felt so good to be on the water, sailing!  We're so glad Roberto and Panchis were able to be there.


  1. Great photos...we so enjoyed meeting these two lovely people...say hello to them for us. Soon INTREPID II hopes to start heading northward again...but the La Paz bungy cord is quite strong! Perhaps we`ll see you along the way. Carol and Kelly

  2. Looks great,
    Wing-on is good in light air and reasonable swell as Dick probably worked out.
    More wind and swell can damage things and make the nose dig in . Not that I have vast experience , jut what i was told.
    Dont think I would sail wing -on at night on passage, but day time I can see big advantages on a passage like the Marquases.
    Nice pole Dick.
    You guys are READY for a sail.
    I envy you sitting here .
    Cheers Darren