Sunday, March 18, 2012

Boat work continues

A couple of weeks ago, the to-do list was 1 1/2 pages long and posted prominently in the galley.  Final cushioning on the deck hatches:
Up the mast.  I cleated him off before taking the picture, by the way.
No, I did not make a hat for myself, it's a 2/3 finished
winch cover.  Dick's been waiting 3 years for winch covers.  I made 5 of them.  The three in the cockpit match the seat cushions.  The two on the mast match the sail cover.
Protection for the GPS antenna:
I also made 5 water jug covers.  I started with the black fabric, each cover was better than the last one.  Nevertheless, it wasn't until #5 that I got the hole big enough for the red cap to screw on.  We got the 20L water jugs from a local bakery.  They used to contain cooking oil.  Dick washed them all out.  We'll be able to carry 120 gallons of water in them.  Most will be stored in the hulls, only the jugs exposed to the sun needed covers.

Dick took everything OUT of the bow compartments, decided what to keep, how it should be stowed and where while I created a searchable database so we can find a specific item.

The bow compartments being organized, there's still a lot of things sitting in the cockpit waiting for a  happy place to be.
Underwater trying to get the transducer for the depth sounder to read the depth.  No luck, we had to order a new one.  Now we need even more luck getting the new one delivered to Mexico.
After three years of being the no-name boat, I applied the decals to the stern.
Ta-dah.  We have a name!

Many things got scratched off the list this week, but we MUST stop adding to it.  

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