Friday, March 2, 2012

At the panga dock

Weekends are especially busy at the panga docks. People come to fish, have picnics, and maybe to have their picture taken on a boat. 
This group taught me the phrase uno por uno - "one by one."  Being energetic boys, I constantly encouraged cuidado, despacio.  "Be careful. Go slowly."

L-R: Dick, Ruben, Ernesto, Carmen, Lupita, Monica, Carmelita, Crucita.  Ernesto came to the boat a couple of days ago and introduced himself.  He explained that his family was having a picnic at the end of our dock and invited us to eat with them.  His "wok" was a cast iron pan set on a wheel fueled by propane.  He'd already cooked potatoes and onions and moved them to the outside edge.  The fish just entered the hot oil, warming the tortillas came last.  Then came ceviche de calamar y pulpo (squid and octopus) served on tostadasDelicioso! Saboroso!
We invited them for coffee and to see the boat.  Lupita was so excited.  She said she'd only see yachts in movies, but had never been on one.  Lupita and Ruben were in Guaymas for the funeral of Carmelita's husband

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  1. Just bluddy fantastic. Giving and sharing from two different cultures
    Bet you enjoyed the food , and they enjoyed the boat tour.
    Most of the Mexicans are so helpful and friendly.
    You will miss your Mexican roots.
    Things will move fast now, cant wait to keep in touck with your adventures.