Saturday, March 31, 2012

At the panga docks this week

 Tea Leaves left, to be hauled out at Gabriel's yard which, by road, is only 3 miles away.  It's not the same yard where we were, but is more popular this season for haul-outs due to great dissatisfaction with Marina Singlar.  Earlier in the day, a new boat arrived: Smoke 'N' Blues with new owners JD & Vera.
 A consultation with Dick's favorite (English-speaking) welder in Guaymas to finish the whisker pole.  A big thank-you to JD and Vera for bringing us into town along with the pole.  Dick could not have managed it on his bicycle.
 Imagine thousands of fingerlings like these feeding around your boat.
 I added rings at the head and tack of the drifter and
worked on provisioning.  Food is stored in so many places and crammed into big compartments that I hope having it all entered in a database will help us find what we might be looking for.  It will also let us know what we bought too much of.  Bread, eggs, and fresh fruit/vegetables come last.
We're getting closer to being able to leave Guaymas and go sailing for an extended period of time.  Even the boat projects that Dick wanted to finish are nearing an end.  The big hang-up at this point is waiting for the depth sounder we ordered in mid-March to arrive.  I'm sure that story will be a future blog entry.


  1. As much as you may dislike it , Bimbo bread just lasts and lasts. We frooze tortillas, oops you have no freezer do you.
    You get used to long life milk and tinned meats.
    But really , its only for the long passages , you can always find veg at most anchorages with locals coming to you in there dugouts.
    Bugger , I hate talking about it , I just want be back doin it.
    ps Fiji in majour alert for cyclone and flooding.