Monday, March 5, 2012

A hike over the "mountain"

Last week, I decided to go for a walk, up the hill we can see from our boat. I say "hill" but Roberto told me these are "mountains."
The higher I got, the better the view of the panga docks and our boat (far right).

From the other side, you can see the entrance to the Guaymas bay and to the right
fish processing plants.  If the wind blows from this direction, it does NOT smell very good.  Thankfully, that's not too often.
I walked back along the curvy road, watching and listening for traffic, getting off to the side of the road to let vehicles pass.
When the government built the in-town Marina Singlar, they displace many panga fishermen.  These docks were built for them, but they're so far away from town and services that they've gone unused.  These docks are free, there's no water or electricity, and there's a 24-hour guard who opens and closes a gate for vehicles.
The entrance from the main road, it's about 1/4 mile to the docks from here.

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