Saturday, March 24, 2012

Boat work - will it ever end?

Handstitching a tear in the batten pocket on the mainsail.
Checking the tension in the rigging:
Makeshift winch handle holder made from neoprene from an old wetsuit and covered with UV-resistant fabric:
Up the mast again to straighten the steaming light.  We want those ships at sea us coming toward them at the proper angle.
An experiment to add non-skid utility fabric to the bottoms of my flip-flops.  Re-applying non-skid to the deck of the boat is an upcoming project.
A new fuel tank thanks to Roberto driving us to San Carlos.
Two little scuba-type tanks needed air put in.
The list is being whittled down daily.


  1. Your cat will be purrrrrrfect.
    What are the little tanks you are talking about .
    Dick mentioned something before Cool Cat sailed.
    Are you really going to leave your beloved Guaymas

  2. ps , I personally wouldnt be wearing flip flops on deck , they can easily trip you up.
    Get a rough nail file and rasp the bottom of your feet, or proper deck shoes of course.

  3. Tom's Simple Answers To Simple Questions

    Question: Will the boat work never end?

    Answer: No.

  4. To Darren: the little tanks are SpareAir, an emergency 50-breath life-saving device if the boat flips over. To Tom: No? Maybe a little less work and a little more fun?

  5. Hmmm... can't reply to comments.

    Our Dad always said,"If you wait 'till you can afford to have kids, you will never have kids." I suspect if you wait till all the work is done before you sail...