Saturday, March 3, 2012

Back to 1903 (with updated info)

My cousin Terry from Vancouver, BC, Canada, sent me this photo. This is my mother's family, the Neu's. It's a picture of our great grandparents taken in either 1899 or 1903 in Arbura Bukowina, Austria (now Romania), taken just before they emigrated to Canada. Terry said, "There seemed to be some dispute about who they all were . . . It's no wonder our great grandmother Ludowika died when she was in her 50's, she was worn out."

Back row (L-R): Juliana (my grandmother), Ferdienand, Eva, Theresia Front row (L-R): Francesca (on lap) Ferdienand, Elzabeth, Frederich, Lodowika, Joseph(on lap) Katherina,

The alternate opinion comes from Helen Wagner. Back row (L-R): Eva, Ferdienand, Frederick, Juliana (my grandmother), Elizabeth. Front row (L-R): Herman(on lap) Ferdienand, Francesca, Joseph, Ludowika (holding baby who later died), Katherina. 

Two of my grandmother siblings are not in the picture. John was in the army and joined them later. Theresia was already married and joined them later.
Thank you so much, Terry, for sharing this photo. Since I'd not seen it before, it's quite a treasure.

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