Monday, March 19, 2012

Mary from Emar

I looked across to the next dock and thought I saw Mary working with needle and thread. That peaked my curiosity, so I asked her about her projects. She does almost everything by hand. She showed me pictures of a large quilt she'd entered into an exposition in England. All the piecing, applique, quilting, everything by hand.
This project, when finished, will be 3 ft X 2 ft, made from 3000 tiny hexagons.  Each hexagon has a paper pattern inside around which she folds and bastes a square of fabric.  Meanwhile, she taking pictures of sunsets and collecting fabrics that may work in the final design.
Another remarkable quality of Mary's work is she finishes every project she starts. What? No stash of unfinished projects hiding in the back of a closet or in some hidden compartment on the boat? Nope, it drives her crazy to have a project waiting for completion. Good on ya' Mary!

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