Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekend in Penn Valley

It's been about 14 months since I've seen Maria, way way too long between visits.  I met her at the Lake Wildwood clubhouse after the Working Girls Saturday Golf Group.  Bets had already been settled, time for a beverage.
L-R: Debbie, Theresa, Dede, Janice, Chris, Maria
Maria's mom, Billie, once told her that after she died, she would come back as a big crow and caaa! during her back swing.  Billie disapproved of Maria playing golf, along with camping, going on vacations, spending money, ... you get the idea.  Billie passed away in Dec 2000. Now, this crow hangs out around the whole golf course and steals food. Other golfers say, "There's Maria's mother."

These ladies are so friendly, it's always fun to see them again.
L-R: Wyvetta, Maria, Dottie
The guys hung out inside the clubhouse.
L-R: Tim, Jim the golf pro, Roy (married to Theresa), Dick (Dottie's husband)
Time to head back to Maria and Tim's house for dinner - Tim barbecued chicken,

lots of talking, some jewelry decision making,

and pre-St Patrick's Day celebrating. Fun!

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