Friday, March 22, 2013

Last day of bicycling class

Cold and windy this morning. Miss Elle on her way to Natomas Park Elementary:

A slightly later start today as the entire school had a luau with entertainment.

We waited outside our first classroom. It was great to have so many volunteers and paid ride leaders (yay! finally this week, I earned some money) and we were able to break the students into 5 groups with 2-3 adults each.  L-R: Doug, Pollyanna, Elle, Alexis, Christa.

Before the community ride could start, students had to take a post-test.  What a cool thing to have in a classroom:

Miss Scarlet led this group in the pre-ride ABCQuick Check.

We spent about an hour on the streets around the school, analyzing upcoming intersections and practicing right-of-way, hand signals, right turns, and the multi-stepped left turn. 

This was so much fun.  Now I'm really looking forward to working in May at Regency Park Elementary in Twin River Unified School District where I will co-teach with Brad, an LCI for the past 3 years with lots of experience teaching this same program. 

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