Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bicycling class: lesson 2

The lead LCIs for this school are Pollyanna with over 3 years experience and Doug who was part of my LCI training group.
 More great examples of student learning:

The team prepares for the next part of today's lesson: the concept of right-of-way at intersections.

As I presented a part of this lesson, I noticed a young man come in, observe, and then whisper to a colleague.  Later, I learned he asked, "I think I know her. What's her name?"  Arlete, they told him. "What's her last name?"  Since we go by first names, no one was sure of my last name. "I think she was my 6th grade teacher."

Yes! David Ansbro was a sixth grade student of mine at Westside School long long ago.  He is now a PE teacher in Natomas School District, a former high school math teacher, now doing what he's always wanted to do in education. How cool is that!

That was my highlight of the day, but for the 5th graders it was the melon drop.  Notice the small watermelon strapped into the bike helmet.  First the un-helmeted melon is dropped from the ledge onto the black-plastic drop cloth, it cracks and the "brain" juices escape.  The helmeted watermelon, however, is dropped with only a small bruise to its watermelon forehead.  Moral of the story: Always wear your bike helmet!




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