Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First day of spring

It was a bit wet today. We are in our 4th and final week of Project Ride Smart. Each class of 30-35 students has been broken into 4 groups with at least 2 adult LCIs/group. If students were proficient with playground handling skills, we were able to ride into the neighborhood for a short time.

The first group this morning only got a bit wet. The afternoon group got rained out, but completed their post-test so Friday's ride should be about 90 minutes.

By mid-afternoon, the rain was over and I was able to go for a walk with Phyl, something we're trying to do everyday.  In Phyl's yard:

Part of our walk takes us along a small levee on the west side of Dry Creek Road.

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  1. Arlete and Dick: Really fascinated by your land travels this cruising season. Ours did not work out. Kelly is finishing up boat projects in San Carlos and enjoying good weather and sunshine and reconnecting with cruising friends. Safe travels. Carol and Kelly