Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bike riding around town

Tuesday.  We rode downtown so I could get a haircut. Afterwards, we met at Starbuck's. Every woman I know understands how good it feels to get a new "do." I had to get one picture before I put on my bike helmet for a 1+ hour ride back to Rio Linda.

On the way home, on the East Levee Bike Trail, Dick told me about an event he had a couple of weeks ago:  "I was riding with my head down and not focused on the road ahead. I looked up to see this gate. There was no time to stop so I ducked down and went under it.

But, on the other side, I lost control of my bike and went down the side of the levee."

Which explains why he oddly didn't ride his bike for a couple of days, and held his arm a little funny.  His thumb still hurts today.

Wednesday.  Access to the bike trail is at the end of our street, about 3/8 mile from the house.  On the west side of the creek is Roy Hayer Park and a midget racecar track.

Long ago, when Dick and I were kids, this creek was not fit to play in, although we all did it anyway.

On the east side of the creek is a rodeo arena and a BMX track.  The Sacramento Northern Bike Trail links up with the American River Bike Trail and is the best way to get to Costco and REI, our goals for today.

Today.  After a bagel at Noah's in Town and Country Village, we bought a rake. 

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