Friday, March 8, 2013

Group ride

There are 3 components in the Project Ride Smart program: classroom instruction, handling drills on the playground, and a group ride in the neighborhood. This afternoon, Mellissa from North Natomas Transportation Management Association and Dan who is starting a bicycle safety program in San Juan School District led an inservice for those of us hoping to participate or the a group ride.
L-R: Mellissa, Alexis, Brad
The ratio is 2 adults to 8 students.  Many times the adults will be one LCI and one parent volunteer.

L-R: Monica, Tim, Dan, Matthew
Always willing to portray the role of annoying student: Scarlet.  Teased in the LCI training class for only riding in the spandex "uniform", Jeff and Scarlet today dressed more like the clients we will serve.
L-R: Jeff, Scarlet

L-R: Matthew, Doug

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