Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dick goes to Kauai

This morning at 4 (ugh) I drove Dick to Oakland for a flight to Lihue. It was time to check on the boat. In my bleary-eyed state, it never occurred to me to take an appropriate picture, so why the following?  Ever since we moved back into the G St house, Dick has taken complete charge of all the shopping and meal preparation.  I've enjoyed this respite from cooking and haven't given it too much thought (except maybe when I've had to eat lentils for too many days in a row or encountered vegetables of odd shapes, textures, and tastes).  But as Dick prepared to leave for two weeks, he worried how I would survive without him.  Example: he likes to make coffee with this thing:
What I've learned is NEVER swallow the last mouthful in the cup or be prepared for a bunch of icky coffee grounds.  I wasn't about to make coffee using his preferred method.  Solution: Dick bought me a small coffeemaker and prepared 14 filters with the correct coffee measurement all nicely stacked in a MacGyver-ized recycled plastic milk container. 

Thank you, sweetie.  My goal for the next two weeks is to enjoy every single cup of coffee, eat NO lentils, avoid vegetables as often as possible ... and miss you a great deal.

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  1. How nice--lovely that he is spoiling you--you deserve it after all you've done for him!!! :)