Saturday, March 2, 2013

At the zoo

Car seat buckling-up challenge requiring two heads and four hands.

Sacramento Zoo:
Petting the hedgehog. Two fingers only, please. 

River otters:

Kellen was the map reader and tour guide.  Therefore we crisscrossed the zoo a few times and ended up not seeing everything.  Guess we'll have to go back.

The giraffe managed to lick Kellen's hand on his way to eating the leaf.  Hand sanitizer was available afterwards.

The map reader prepares for the next move.  Odin loved eating the apple, but chewed only the fleshy part, managing to retain all the peels in his mouth through many bites.  So, several times Grandma had to offer to take the the glob of uneaten to the trash.

On the way home, McDonald's of course.  Kellen was very anxious to try Fishy McBites and really liked them.
At the end of the day, two happy grandsons, two exhausted grandparents.


  1. Nicole, a couple of years ago when Kellen got his first Mohawk, I reacted by saying, "What have you done to my grandson?" I handled it much better this time and said nothing only to hear quite a few compliments from others at the zoo. Times change, hairstyles change, only grandmas are slow to catch on.

  2. Too bad you were not near Christy's house in Sac where she has a permanent renter--a hamster (in addition to cat & large dog)--and hamster does love those left over apple pieces. When visiting me, she takes him apple cores, carrot pieces, etc, anything to wear down those front teeth! Maybe you should get the boys one--maybe you should check with the boys' mom first--lol. Lynne