Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Family this week

March 3: The red rose bushes planted between the white ones never performed as expected on the west side of Justin's property, so today it was time to replant for the last time.  All white tall bush roses called Iceberg. 

The exact measuring for placement (twice-checked), digging, and planting was Justin's responsibility; Jennifer got to the the post-planting watering.

Well ... maybe a little extra watering by Justin, just to make sure every plant was happy.

March 5: Dick and I went to visit Mom.  I turned on the laptop and shared the latest pictures in a full-screen slideshow.  She  was amazed.

Mom is always surprised by how picture-taking works today.  There are so many pictures taken and not all of them are good. 

She kept saying, "And if you don't like one of the pictures, you can just put another one on top of it."  Yup, that how it works, sort of.

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