Thursday, April 18, 2013

April in E Nicolaus

Plowed fields.

Irrigation pipes opened.

Rice fields ready for seeding.

Tractors working most of the farmland.

Mowing, mowing, mowing.

This year, Justin does not have any cows, but rather about 9 acres planted in winter wheat.


  1. The farmers and landowners here in Queensland would have ride-on lawnmowers to mow an area that big. One I saw recently was as big as a small tractor almost. Talk about boys and their toys. Love the pic especially of the house, windmill, paddock and (painted) trees ...... Marion

  2. Sometimes I would like to help Justin out in the yard, but he never lets me. He's very particular. For some reason he will only mow with a push mower. He grew up helping his dad with his gardening business, who was also particular in how things were done. Those trees get painted every year to control some kind of walnut tree pest.