Friday, April 12, 2013

This week in the yard

Last week, it was the front yard, this week Dick attacked the 2 acres in the back.

Thankfully the tenant came back to gather up his chickens, all roosters.  Immediately, we began spotting a pheasant couple living in the back yard.   

I tried to get closer, but the male took off running.  I think the hen stayed hidden in the tall grass.

 Justin came over one day after work with his chain saw to remove the the dead trees and the live unwanted trees growing among the redwoods.

Even better, he hauled away most of it to be burned in E Nicolaus, Sutter County.  There's is no outdoor burning allowed in Sacramento County.
I learned how to operate the weed eater and weed sprayer as I will attempt to keep up the yard after Dick leaves for Kauai and the boat. 

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