Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend in the country

When Justin asked if he could borrow the (fuel-efficient) car to drive to Tulare (240 miles away) with a friend to a tractor show on Saturday, I quickly said yes. It would mean staying overnight both Friday and Saturday nights.

The few homes and buildings in Nicolaus are set next to the levee keeping back the Feather River.  I think the wildflowers here are lupine.

On the other side of town (1/4 mile away), a homeowner manages a huge garden, the ditch currently profuse with California Golden Poppies.
Sunday morning.  It's nice to have a friend with a crane. Justin and Justin work on the gate while AJ supervises.

Looks pretty good.  Justin and a friend made the gate with Justin doing the cutting and the friend doing the welding.

Meanwhile I got a lot done on a dress for Thais.


  1. Wow! Everything looks good! Flowers, gate, dress!
    - thais

  2. The dress will look much better once you're wearing it. ~Arlete/Mom