Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dick leaves

Monday. We drove to Palo Alto to spend the night with Mark and Carolyn.

Dick's mother, Leta, came over for dinner. Carolyn brought out all her high school prom dresses all made by Leta.  And they almost still fit - Leta is clutching the back zipper. 

As we drove into the San Jose International Airport this morning, the mural on the rental car garage was striking showing hands raised to the sky in gestures of “welcome” or “farewell”.

Closer up it looked like ping pong balls stuck into chain link fence.  The fences around Rio Linda High School frequently have plastic cup messages.  This installation by artist Christian Moeller uses 107 chain link mesh panels and 368,718 industrial-grade plastic snap-on disks. It's 1240’ long and 61’8” high.

Goodbye, Husband.  Mistress #1 (her name is Cuatro de Mayo) has beckoned from Lihue Kauai.  Right now she needs his TLC desperately.

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