Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sophia's birthday

Barandas Park was a great place for a big birthday party.

The fascination was the ladybug on the tip of the boy's finger.

Really good pork, carne asada, and chicken tacos.  Chando's is currently very popular in the Sacramento area.  Justin, Dick and I all thought they were just like the street tacos you can buy on almost every street corner in Mexico.

Musical entertainment.

Lenin's sister, Holly, set up a face painting station. At right is Sophi'a cousin, Lauren.

L-R: Hazel, Jessica, Finn.  Thais and Jessica first became pen pals because of a high school freshman English assignment.  Jessica lived in Indiana.  They continued to write after the assignment was over, Thais visited her one time during her college years, and they've managed to stay in touch for the past 20 years. Jessica moved to the Sacramento area recently when her husband got a job with Raley's.  Her children are almost the same ages as Sophia and Avery.

As the first candy dropped from the pinata, Lenin hurried to get out of the way.

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