Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weightlifting Competition

Midtown Strength and Strength is not a "froo froo" gym by any means. Thais and Lenin work out here 6 days a week.
This morning there was a three-event competition with other local gyms invited to participate. 
Dead lift. Thais = 230 lbs.
Lenin - 440 lbs.

This kid was so cute trying to be like the adults, and then he said,
"Oh, my aching back." 

Pull ups.  Thais = 3.
Lenin = 23 
Kettlebell.  For five minutes, you swing the cast iron "cannonball with a handle" between your legs and then punch it up. Thais, 23 lb ball = 128.  I picked up a 14-lb kettle ball after Thais was done and tried to do it with Thais coaching me in proper technique until she finally said, "Mom, put that thing down. You're scaring me."

Lenin, 53 lb ball = 85

In between events, I was able to help watch Sophia

and Avery who is about to get one huge slobbery "kiss" from the gym dog.

By noon it was all over.  This was probably the only place in town where 100 people could meet on a Saturday morning and all these donuts would remain uneaten after 3 hours. 


  1. Love these peeks into all the fun things you and everybody is doing!

  2. I wish I could have seen you lift Arlete. Thai's comment reminds me of the time you wanted to 'help' me off the roof @ G street

  3. OXXO/Dick went up on the G St roof many years ago, had a panic attack, and was stuck for a couple of hours, unable to get over to the ladder and come down. When I came home, he called out and told me to call the fire department. I said, "We don't have to do that. I'll just come up and get you, everything will be ok," and I started up the ladder. That was all the motivation he needed, he made it over to the ladder and has never gone on another roof again. You can now imagine what it's like for Dick to go up the mast. We are very careful, my job is to belay him, his job to take every possible tool he might need with him the first time.