Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lunch with Leanne

Sabores Mexican Cuisine in Roseville

I first met Leanne in 1971 when I began working at Holmes Elementary as a 4th grade teacher. This was my first full-year teaching assignment. Leanne taught 6th grade in the cafeteria (as I recall) with three other 6th grade teachers. As our careers progressed, Leanne was my supervisor when I taught the GATE program in the 80s, and later she was my principal at Westside School in the 90s. Along with a group of parents, Leanne and I began/created the Westside Charter School for grades 7-8.  The school district at the time only served grades K-6 so we were trailblazers of a sort. Even though we've both been retired for many years (this is my 10th year), Leanne wrote the most wonderful letter of recommendation last January when I applied for the LCI training classes.

So much fun to catch up on each other's lives, share news about mutual friends, and enjoy each other's company.  Thanks, Leanne!

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  1. Arlete you look perfectly beautiful in this pic. I know I was a foot-dragger about the the haircut but you couldn't be cuter
    OXXO, your secret admirer