Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dear Oxxo,

aka Dick,

I had no idea you called yourself OXXO when leaving a blog comment.  I thought I had a anonymous admirer sending me hugs and kisses.  Or OXXO, the ubiquitous Mexican convenience store, had discovered my blog.

Since you are the biggest fan and supporter of my garden art projects, I thought I'd bring you up to date.  The survey about whether to get rid of or keep and improve this

yield 7 votes. Six said to keep and improve.  Justin and Jennifer suggested something like this.
One day, I pulled the biggest branches out of the trough, trimmed them, and tied them onto a piece of metal fencing to make a screen on the patio.  The wooden box you found in the field makes a good table.

Besides denim strips, I used fabric from the Baby Skaug quilt.

After Justin cut down the unwelcome volunteer trees, I removed about 3 feet of lower branches and made a kind of nest around the tree. Or maybe I was just too lazy to carry them away. It sure makes watering easier.

Plants are beginning to come back.  There were only a few leaves on this one when you left.

Joy!  One afternoon, Lyle and Lamont showed up with their lawnmower and hoped to earn some money.

Then they planned what to do in the back field for the next few days.

I locked myself out of the house. Duh. Dave came over with the perfect ladder.  Yes, Dick, I can hear what you're saying right now.  I know.

Most importantly, this week your grandson smiled.


  1. I love the "retreat" You've arranged... just wish you were in the pic holding the glass.

    And isn't Luke beautiful!

  2. Do save everything in the yard!!

    btw we are looking forward to seeing Luke and parents tomorrow. :-) They are all coming to visit us and Grandma