Friday, December 30, 2011

Arlete goes to California

**NOTE: For some unknown techy reason I can't get the pictures from my camera onto Justin's computer so they will be added later ... I hope.

29 December
     afternoon:  phone messages from Thais to call home ASAP ... Mom in hospital, not serious, has a type of flu which is going through Atria El Camino Gardens ... booked a flight Phoenix to Sacramento ...
     11:30 pm:  Tufesa bus leaves Guaymas - muchimas gracias to Roberto who went to the bus station and bought me the ticket - and then drove Dick and I to the bus station - his parting words with a handshake and a warm smile, "Es mi placer."  It's my pleasure.

30 December
     I took the executive bus, big comfortable seats that recline way back.  When I travel alone, I like to sit on the left side where there's only one seat.  Passengers get a box lunch for the trip.  There is also free wifi, black-out curtains, and (too-loud) movies.  I watched The Prince of Persia with Jake Gyllenhaal in Spanish.
11:50 am:  the 9-hour bus ride was 12 hours.  As we pulled into the bus station, my flight was taking off.  Darn.  The airline got me a seat on the next available plane.  

So, just 24 hours after receiving the phone messages I was at the hospital.  Here's the story:
     A type of flu hit Atria El Camino Gardens - 7 of 17 residents + staff had been affected.  As each resident presented symptoms, they were sent to a hospital for diagnosis.  No resident was allowed to return until they'd been medically "cleared."
Justin's daily contribution which his Grandma loves:  a Starbuck's hot chocolate, half poured out and replaced with Ensure.
When I saw Mom, she actually looked great, the worst problem being diarrhea.  She still had a good sense of humor.  She would forget, of course, that she's not supposed to get out of bed because of the IV and catheter, so a bed alarm was turned on.  The nurses soon learned they'd better hustle down to her room when the alarm went off because she's pretty fast on her feet.  If they didn't get there quickly, the IV and/or catheter would pull out.  Once, the nurse showed up and Mom, halfway to the bathroom, said, "How can you see me around the corner?"

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