Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Zumbatón y posada

I mentioned before that another cruiser, Patsy, and I have been going to zumba on the malecón about 3 times/week.  Last week, they began planning a posada to take place after zumbtón tonight and we were invited.  We weren't able to buy the t-shirt for our zumba group, but we each bought a falda (skirt - but actually it was a wrap that tied at one hip).  Because my name is difficult for people to say and remember, I became Leticia, Patsy became Patricia. 
All of the ladies in our group wore pink faldas.  Zumba groups from other colonias (neighborhoods) in Guaymas were invited for this year-end event, kind of a zumba marathon.  Guaymas norte wore blue t-shirts and blue Santa hats, another colonia wore camouflage skirts and t-shirts.
Los maestros (the teachers). Our maestro is Manuel. No one calls him by his name, he is always referred to as Maestro. As he leads or teaches the dances he always encourages us to be más sexy (more sexy).
It was supposed to start at 5 pm, but in Mexico, events start only when everything is ready.  Therefore we started zumba-ing only at 6.  Local television reporters were there, they homed in on us for their first interviews - the only gringas in the group of about 150. Thank goodness I understood their only question in Spanish, "Do you like zumba?"  Si, me gusta mucho.
After one hour, many public officials came onstage to give short speeches.  The fellow at the far left is the city official who has been in charge of zumba organization for the past two years.  We met him before zumbatón began.  During his speech, he specifically welcomed Leticia de los Estados Unidos y Patricia de Canada, and we received a round of applause.  I guess Patsy and I are now celebrities.
After the speeches, a photo session.  The man in center wearing the leather jacket is the mayor of Guaymas.
After the speeches, there was supposed to be only four more dances, but as each teacher in succession came on stage to lead a dance, they started by asking, "Are you tired yet?"  The crowd roared, "Noooooo!"  So zumba continued for another hour.  My legs and feet were sooo tired.  At 8 pm, the zumbatón was over, now we were off to the posada - to Marta's house, but where in Guaymas was that?  Addresses here are NOT like we're used to in the USA.  Houses do not have numbers, most streets have names but not always.  Addresses always seem to include the colonia, a street name and a lot number.  As it turned out, Marta's house was directly across the street from Panchis' house.  And Panchis would drive us home whenever we were ready - yay!  (From previous blog entries, you may remember our friends, Roberto and Panchis, who both live in Guaymas, we've been to each of their homes many times.)

L-R: Antonia, Patsy, Marta.  Antonio was the first person we met at zumba.  He's just 13 years old, one of two young men who zumba, and sooo friendly.  We always get a handshake and a kiss on the cheek when we meet and when we say goodbye.
After we had some snacks and drinks, what did we do?  More dancing on the patio.  Oh my!  At least it was freestyle and one could move as slowly as needed. 
Patsy and I had so much fun, our zumba friends made us feel so welcome - we will never forget this adventure.

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