Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

It was a warm sunny day ... finally. It's been unseasonably cold so far this year. We had a potluck near Patsy and Tony's boat, Forbes and Cameron.
Two young sailors, one from Mexico City and one from England, both astrophysicists (at left in red shirt and plaid shirt), showed up at the fuel dock yesterday.  They felt quite lucky to unexpectedly be invited to a huge meal and friendly people.

Two staff members, Rosa (left) and Locy (right) came with their daughters.  Rosa and Locy are two of the nicest people who work at the marina.
L-R: Patsy with concertina, Margaret with flute, Greg and Tony on guitar.  There is always some singing when Patsy is around, but today it was enhanced but others who carry instruments onboard.
Near the end of the day, the birds looked like notes on a musical staff - a perfect ending to a wonderful day.

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