Sunday, December 4, 2011

This week in the marina

I looked up from the sail work we were doing and saw this dinghy being rowed to the dock.
As it got closer, I could see one person rowing, the other bailing water:
There is an effort for boats to leave this marina, especially from the workyard because the rates increased by 61% on August 1.  There was no notice given to current occupants until arriving for the current sailing season.  The word quickly spread from friend to friend usually by email.  Daydreamer launched today, John and Diane's 51-footer.

But when will the next boat be launched? The travel-lift
 has some problems.  This oil leak has been fixed several times
 Sunday night cocktail party in the computer room aka cruisers' lounge.  While conversation occurred on one side of the room,
 Patsy led a sing-along for the ladies.
Note the extra clothing everyone's wearing. It's been darn cold here for the past week.

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